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Hardcore world eternal idol 
Keith Morris rampage with apparel

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Age 62. Over the 60th anniversary. Chronic disease is diabetes. But eternal punk kids, hard core kids. The top is thin, but it is the strongest man who pulls out fine dreadful hair, twinkle his body and twisting shouts that it is likely to arrive at 200 meters ahead of time. That's Keith Morris. It appeared in the scene as the first vocalist of BLACK FLAG, and in CIRCLE JERKS it won the throne as <a perfect frontman of a hard core band>. And in 2009, we formed a surprising new band OFF! And hit the insulin hitting each day everyday.

Such a strong man began a new business. Now scream in the apparel industry.Pogo. Keith says as follows.

"When anyone launches a business, we will prepare a so-called <brand summary>, but we do not want to expect it. <IMAGE CLUB LTD.> Recognizes that we are the best in the road It's a T - shirt brand that uses photographed photos of those people and will supervise and present pictures taken by friends who grew up together in clubs and streets in Southern California. "

IMAGE CLUB LTD. Has just started. Keith's partner is Douglas Williams, who is the founder of the Hollywood brand <Teenage Millionaire> and also handles the base brand <Fleabass> produced by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 'FREE (Flea) . As Keith says, the IMAGE CLUB LTD. T-shirt uses his work with photographers supporting Southern California's punk scene and street culture. At the moment, Edward Colver who worked on jackets such as "BLACK FLAG" Damaged ", CIRCLE JERKS" Group Sex "and Edward Colver (Edward Colver) and Gary Leonard who has taken not only the punk scene but also the daily life of Los Angeles (Gary Leonard) 's work is shining brilliantly in the middle of T - shirts.

According to Keith "Since the number will continue to increase", the day when SOCIAL DISTORTION, THE VANDALS, WASTED YOUTH, X, DESCENDENTS, THE MINUTEMEN will sit in place of Pyeonchi will also be close.

Such Keith · Morris will come to Japan with Aibo's Douglas Williams. AMERICAN RAG CIE due to IMAGE CLUB LTD. Exclusive launch of fit in, we come to the party. They are doing DJ while disturbing the dreaded hair. It is also 2 bottles a day. Truly the strongest man. The motivated man Keith Team also designed the flyer for the party himself. That is also proper Japanese. Because it was wrong, I heard that the fix was in.


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Keith Morris. Everyone should know the name if you like punk and hardcore. BLACK FLAG, 80's US hard resound a high energy vocal in the Circle Jerks super important person-core. Even now beyond the 60th anniversary, he has been active in bands such as OFF! And FLAG, and he is playing a sound full of impulse now being active. Often registered if you look at the documentary work of punk and hardcore market, we are telling the young we also of the generation of the time inside story and punk of mind . It is a living legend that embodies punk exactly. If a little punk song starts and Keith barks for a minute, we will become kids at any time, respond with a fist up before useless coolness . That Keith · Morris started T-shirt brand.

"Meet me at Shinjuku at 4pm on April 27th ... .. tommorrow! Cheers, Kieth" The e-mail arrived the day before the interview. Keith · Morris Look at the news of Japan, can not you meet Keith? I thought so I was sending an e - mail asking for an interview. Anyway, let's try, I did not think of the previous thing with such feelings. I arrive at AMERICAN RAGCIE in Shinjuku which is a promised place with a feeling of clutter with tension and excitement . Then the brown hunting cap was black rounded glasses, that tread hair, that Keith Morris I knew . "I want to eat rice because I am hungry. Is there a nice sushi restaurant around here , escort us."Meeting I got such a challenge but I have no time to get lost. Keith Morris is saying, we have to do something. I managed to enter a sushi shop with a good feeling in the vicinity. Have you noticed that we have not caught up with the situation that is still happening in front of you, "Did you eat more and more" Keith said deliciously to say sushi.

The brand "IMAGE CLUB LTD." That Keith started this time is a new project with a friend and owner of T - shirt brand " Teenage Millionaire", Doug Williams . They are publishing works of photographers active in Southern California where they live, as T - shirts . If you look at the lineup photos like unexpectedly jealousy and people like young people and figures of such people. This time I went on an interview about 'IMAGE CLUB LTD.' And about the band though it was in a limited time. A man named Keith Morris who is still energetic even after going over the 60th birthday was a lovely punk full of PURE feelings.

---- We are doing WEB MAGAZINE called PYOUTH. Thank you.

Keith: Good, eat sushi.

---- Thank you…! Do you have lots of sushi restaurants in Los Angeles too?

Keith: There. At the corner just next to the house there is a shop called Saiteau.

---- What do you like about sushi? 

Keith: Tuna! The rest is shrimp. So, what do you like? 

---- I like yellowties.

---- It's been a while since I came to Japan, are not you?

Keith: Yeah, it was a long time ago that I came before. I only stayed there for three days. I was called to a party organized by VICE. Yes, I remembered. At that time I played with them like BABY METAL called BiS. Even though I am 61 years old , why do I do with a 17 year old pretty girl? It was like what they were ... It seemed like I was acting as if I were told a man like a manager apart from my own will . A stupid story , one of the members of our members crawled out to one of the members ... (laugh). Or, that guy is not about me, obviously! But all the members of the BiS members are perverts, PC otaku, or just like a job just finished wearing a suit wearing it, it was such a night.

---- Suddenly awesome story ... (laugh). Please tell me about " IMAGE CLUB LTD." 

Keith: This is my friend Doug Williams who started with LA in Los Angeles. And I work with two photographers, Ed Colver (Ed Colver) and Gary Leonard (Gary Leonard). I print their photos on T - shirts. Both of my friends, I know about them from the time they started taking pictures. Was it an event in about 1981? Perhaps it was 82 years. There are very famous clubs in WestHollywood, but whether the punk rockers seemed to be really bad or not suitable for community in the city, one day the police came and became a fuss . I know it since about that time.

---- What kind of photographer are Ed and Gary?

Keith: Ed Koruva is more than 500 sheets of Arubamukavu 's photographer that the shooting of § over. Aero Smith, for example REM, it is a famous guy like that anyway. But the album cover he took for the first time is Circle Jerks' Group Sex. 

Doug: Eh, really? It Arubamukavu took him for the first time or § over of the?

Keith: That's right. Another thing he took, for example, ADOLESCENTS, Social Distortion, Bad Religion ,, is really various people. 

---- It is a person who can not be removed from talking about punk in Los Angeles. How did you capture the " Group Sex" cover?

Keith: Ed was always at a live house or club, I was just taking pictures. When did you live at Marina del ReySkate Park with Circle Jerks and ADOLESCENTS . That is where I filled the pool with concrete and made it into a skate rink, but we stood in it and Ed shot from above. I guess it was 35 years or 36 years since I was a little longer, I guess it's about that kind of relationship. 

Another photographer, Gary Leonard, actually started taking photos earlier than Ed. Because Gary is standing in the street corner where the two people are decisively different, the type that they take pictures immediately after thinking it is interesting. Ed never takes anything, no matter what. It is a type I do not think about taking pictures of ordinary sight, like everyday things . Gary took the Jeffrey Lee earrings of The Gun Club in a club called Starwood. And the other one who took this picture. Raymond Petibon, Minutemen's lead vocalist D. Boon, and a long time friend Brendan Moran. Brendan was the owner of a strip club in The Masque called LA and a punk rock club under the pornographic cinema .

---- Why is it new to "IMAGE CLUB LTD." Other than the band?

Keith: My friend Doug here is doing a fashion brand called Teenage Millionaire. When I was talking with him, there were two photographers who are busy with my friends, so it was somewhat talking about making them T - shirts. 

Doug: Keith is Farrell Williams for me (lol) 
All together: (haha) 

Keith: Hey, do not decide on your own.

Doug: Keith brought this wonderful idea. At first, their bands were more main, but I noticed that photographs are more interesting than just band t - shirts . That was the beginning of everything. Having met Keith is a big event for me too. We are a very good team. 

Keith: I am a leader and he is a follower.

Doug: It's convenient for me (laugh).

Keith: I am Kanye West, he is Kim Kardashian.

Doug Williams: owner of fashion brand " Teenage Millionaire ".

---- "IMAGE CLUB LTD." Is rooted in your local Southern California. Is it changing from the past in Southern California now?

Keith: That's a great question! It is difficult to answer, but in Southern California the old buildings have disappeared and more and more new buildings have been built. And friends who were doing the band together grew steadily and we also grew older . But I'm still doing the same live in the same Los Angeles without changing. And new bands are appearing more and more. Culture itself has not changed a lot. Well, there will be places that have changed, but many cultures surrounding us are basically unchanged .

Also, the number of people living here increased. Since I live in a corner of the great busy place, when you are waiting for a signal, for example, stood six Ya is doing a band of which five people Once you Toka bitterness, a screenplay or writing a book, if that is not so It is such a city , like writing people and aiming for an actress who is washing dishes in a restaurant . 

Speaking of music, there are still underground scenes. However, in fact, a really wonderful club "The Smell" has closed. No Age or Mika Miko. Mika Miko is a band that is now a Bleached, but I also made a scene with my friend Cathy Cooper and The Great Sadness as a band ... Now "The Smell" gathers money and a new club I'm about to open up.

Documentary picture of The Smell of Los Angeles familiar with No Age's album "Weirdo Rippers" . It is operated by volunteers and it is known as the place of the underground culture not only music .

Keith: You guys, have more sushi.

----  Thank you ...!

----  Do you have any young bands or music where Keith is concerned now?

Keith: I like the Great Sadness I talked about a while ago. Did you listen to the new album by The Jesus and Mary Chain? They are, of course, not a new band, but they like. I wonder if it is Career Suicide. Frontman of Career Suicide is a drummer of Fucked Up. After the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Tame Impala, love but hate the recent album of bitterness, it's a good first two. Well, I was in trouble. But after all I love you like AC / DC, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Who, The Kinks, Uh, The White Stripes .... By the way yesterday I went to the disc union. You also had a bag earlier. So I sold the record of The Masters Apprentices, my wonderful Australian band, for around 45,000 yen. I have already bought it because I already have it, but I would have bought it if I did not have one. I do not do drinking or dragging, so I can buy high records. I wonder if that record was certainly in the 1972's. Jane's Addiction Have you heard of it? They are very influenced by The Masters Apprentices.

---- From now on please tell me about the band. Maybe it's a difficult question, did you have a chance to think about doing hardcore?

Keith: When I started BLACK FLAG, various situations surrounded us. For example, when a high school student cute girls did not say hello to us. Because we were not Ike. Also, the popular music at that time is already branded, for example on Friday or Saturday night if you go to the live house, it's like music that is flowing to the top 40 of the radio ... Fleetwood Mac, Eagles ,,,

Doug: Who is Steve Miller?

Keith: Yeah, Steve Miller, too. I do not like it. Anyway, then, I thought that there is not too much creativity and it's boring. We did not know what to do, but I just tried it.


---- Where did you attach the "OFF!" Band name? 

Keith: "OFF!" Has been influenced by half Led Zeppelin, it's already affected by half the Bragg Flag. Dimitri of the guitar is a chewy head of the head, but he said "I will decide from the name of insect repellent spray!" Because it wrote OFF there there. 



---- OFF! Jacket is also the best. Have you decided on Raymond · Petibon after all?

Keith: That's right, it's natural that it's a cool picture! And they are friends. When you listen to songs recorded for the first time in OFF!, They told me I wanted to get involved in something. So when I went to his studio, it would be a translation if you liked the picture from there. I chose from 2000 or 3000 papers. Do you know? We were at the same high school. And Greg Gin and Petibbon of BLACK FLAG are brothers.


---- I heard that my brothers have read it , but I heard it was the same high school for the first time.

Keith: Pete Bon is the name of the artist, in fact Raymond Gin. But the sound like Petibon was fun as I was doing with football and it was fun and the surroundings decided Pete Bon. It is actually a kind of bastard who can not even dribble basketball.



Keith · Morris participated as a DJ on this day event. BLACK FLAG, The Zeros, Eyes, The Gun Club, Sky Saxon, The Chamber Brothers ... and Los Angeles' band selection tune( tightening song is Los Angels!) Was a DJ set filled with local love.


On this day, Keith was playing The Flash Eaters See You in The Boneyard

---- I think that "IMAGE CLUB LTD." Is also very energetic for the first time for course of course as well as the band. What is your current motivation?

Keith: I'm not a fashion person so I will not say the brand is doing it . It's just that I know photographers who are squid . What is motivated, just talking to Greg Gin and tonight what to do, feeling that he is doing music with it, same as that. Nothing has changed from the past.

Doug: What is amazing, Keith has no strategy or planning at all, just doing what he wants to do right in front of me. So, next time , I will make a very wonderful thing while involving the surroundings with this feeling next time . Although it or difficult or was easy, or can be smoothly, when you grasp a good feeling, I notice that I you are doing is correct. Yourself " Teenage Millionaire" have fun with it to have a fashion brand Tteyuu But, the idea me to a photo that brought me of Keith to T-shirts be thought very interesting. There are many pictures of the historic moments of Los Angeles. It is not the best that it can be seen on a daily basis. For example, photos of police cars and policemen are cool. I am a fashion man and I love fashion, but this is going to do more historical things. 

Keith: I'm like a curator. I always work with a record company, but the music that these guys release releases are really fucking. So why are you listening to these music 's music because they sell one million records? I told him, I do not mean to work together for that reason. For me, it is feeling that he / she is doing a record label to print pictures on T - shirts . Or it's an art gallery.

The first is Ttei to T-shirts to print the people of the rock band in addition to the jar ideas, it became a story to say that you try to print the Toka car of the new Alfa Romeo . Let's put a fire on a luxury car. LA has such a culture. There is an egoistic culture that shows off with a feeling like "buy a luxury car and watch me!" It is like a small penis. So even if a luxury car burns or explodes it is a kind of karma .

Doug: We are tired of how much band T-shirts we are. Of course, my favorite artist 's T - shirt is great, but I'd like to do more like musicians who are not musicians , street corners with no other choice. Because it's cool? Show us various everyday perspectives. Of course band T - shirts are okay, but they are too ordinary. It's too ordinary and I am tired of it. 

---- Finally, do you have a message for Japanese young people reading this?

Keith: A message, of course. Very simple. "Have Fun!"